Guardians of Greatness - Chapter 11 - Our Communities Back to Greatness

This is  chapter 11 of our 12 chapter book known as the Guardians of Greatness.  Our goal is to restore our relationships, families, communities, economies and traditions - back to greatness and make them better than ever. 

  •  In the past, Black Americans had no idea that 'certain groups' were tricking our communities into gang wars, divisions and more.
  • Now that we know everything, we will fix everything.
  • We will design our own communities and traditions and make them better than ever.  
  • This chapter presents new ideas and ways to live.
  • This is how we control our destiny.
  • You can buy this PDF chapter 11 by itself or you can buy the Complete Book with all 12 chapters.  Enjoy it! JLMD

151 pages.

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