Guardians of Greatness - Chapter 9 - Our New Relationship & Family Agreement Form.

This is  chapter 9 of our 12 chapter book known as the Guardians of Greatness.  Our goal is to restore our relationships, families, communities, economies and traditions - back to greatness and make them better than ever.  In the past, 

  • Black Americans had no idea that 'certain groups' were purposely trying to sabotage our relationships and families.
  • Since we did not know, we fell for all the tricks.
  • We went from the best family statistics in America - to the worst statistics in the world.
  • Now that we know all of this we can fix it all.
  • One of the big lessons is that we have to make our own relationship and family agreements and keep the racists out of the Black family business.
  • We must always write the rules for us - and leave racists out of the Black family business.
  • This is your new relationship and family agreement form. We can discuss it and tweak it to make sure it's perfect to meet our needs.
  • This helps us get our relationships started out right - and avoid all the common problems in relationships.
  • Once we get racists out of the Black family business - our relationships will be better than ever. 
  •  You can buy this PDF chapter 9 by itself or you can buy the Complete Book with all 12 chapters.  Enjoy it! JLMD

49 pages.

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